Meet Melissa

Have a business idea but don’t know where to begin? Meet Melissa Pepers – the founder of Melbourne business design brand, Bonbo.

As customer experience and society change, Melissa taps into this potential by predicting social trends and finding where a business can expand their thinking to reach a larger audience. Through the use of the application of competitive strategy, behavioural science, design thinking, and cultural trend analysis, she can help your business reach new heights, before your competition exists.

Bonbo Founder – Melissa Pepers

When most people hear the word ‘business’ or ‘strategy session’, it immediately makes them run the other way. Melissa wants to bring fun and informative business sessions (not words you’ll usually hear in a meeting room!) to the forefront of business, steering away from the traditional ‘dry and boring’ elements of creating a business from the ground up. “I always want to encourage them (my clients) to do something today that actively takes them closer to their dream. You cannot become something new by living the same way or waiting for a day that won't come.”

This is how Bonbo was born – by investing in interesting businesses, not just interesting brands. Although brands are pivotal in generating income and are an important backbone of any business, Melissa focuses on building competitive advantages that will allow them to reach their full potential in the market. Rather than solely focusing on making a company a pretty face with on-point branding, she transforms every part of their offering to unlock new opportunities for attracting customers.

Melissa comes from a hybrid advertising and entrepreneurial background, making magic for local and global names across a diverse range of industries. Some of her previous clients include: Bonds, Berlei, Bulla, Sukin, Endota, Brown Brothers, AHM, Mercer, ANZ, BMW, and Australia Post.

Melissa has two roles within Bonbo – 

'Business Designer' – creates unique capabilities within a business, through identifying gaps in the market for ideas and utilizing their existing skills in new ways. This can be for start-ups or helping existing businesses change what they can offer consumers and uncover the potential that they didn’t realise they have. 

'Futurist' – By predicting social trends and leveraging potential, Melissa is able to apply these insights to help businesses flourish – to know what's coming and how to create your own opportunities in any circumstance – think of it as being ahead of the game before the game even exists.

Launching in 2021, Melissa will be starting a new service with Bonbo, a first of its kind – The Futurist Lab. 

Drawing on her work with successful niche start-ups, Melissa will create a library of business ideas, all totally unique and never-before-seen, which people will be able to purchase outright. These ideas are heavily researched and consumer-driven, usually built around a gap in the market that Melissa sees from her daily work with other brands. Even better, they come with fully created names and brand designs, so you don’t need to sweat the small stuff. 

So, instead of individuals creating a generic business, going through endless and costly trial and error only to work out that they need to be different to succeed, The Futurist Lab will take the hassle out of creating your dream start-up and allow individuals to purchase an already impressive idea. Goodbye brainstorming sessions!

Not only is this more affordable than starting a business from the ground up, but you’ll have the backing of Melissa’s expertise in business strategy and brand positioning when you purchase. Eventually, individuals will be able to pitch and contribute their own ideas to the platform, being a great opportunity for freelancers and those with burning business ideas.

Melissa loves working with ambitious people who want to build "something crazy, but have fun while doing it" – it’s why she started Bonbo, and she predicts the launch of Futurist Lab will shape how we see, develop and interact with both businesses and their customers in the future.


Feel like an adventure? Fall down the rabbit hole with Melissa.

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You can hire Melissa to work on your business, brainstorm with your company or speak at your next event by downloading her speaking One Sheet, or filling out this contact form.