Trend Analysis

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You've never looked at trends like this before.

A global and local exploration into the shifts and changes in the cultural Zeitgeist focusing on the application opportunities they present for the future of your specific business. Discover new ideas and possibilities to help you or your clients build their dreams.

What you get:

  • Discovery Call
    • Allows us to understand what role these trends will play in your business and what objectives it needs to serve
  • Trend Analysis Report
    • A guide full of local and global trends described based on how you can apply them to your business;
    • Trend ideas are arranged in five key areas based on how they help you seize opportunities – Elder, Seer, Sage, Alchemist, and Trickster;
    • Information on how trends work, how they differ and how to track them
  •  In It Together
    • Digital and phone call support for leveraging trends

Starts with a discovery chat to get to know your unique needs.

Melissa Pepers Bonbo Founder Thinking

Melissa the Founder of Bonbo will be your Futurist. She has over a decade of experience building brands and businesses for major advertising agencies, first-time business owners, and everything in between.

She's a:

  • Business Designer (creative money-maker)
  • Strategist (board game winner)
  • Experience Designer (professional wow-er)
  • Futurist (future trend magic)

If you'd like to ask a question before you get started, you can contact us here.