Strategy Session

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I've created an exclusive waitlist for my return from maternity leave. This group will find out when I'm coming back before anyone else and will also have access to an amazing offer. I've never discounted my service before so this will be a once-in-a-lifetime deal. All you need to do is click the below link to be added to this waitlist.

Strategy is about creating opportunities for your business out of thin air. But, there is a big difference between seeing an opportunity and seizing it, so if you want to open a door for your future self...


Ready to run an extraordinary business?

Get the strategies that are going to move the needle for wherever you're at, right now. Your business is as unique as your fingerprint, so you won't find one-size-fits-all strategies here.

I'm Mel, your new Business Designer 😉 and I'm an expert in uncovering the potential in you and your business. I create custom business and brand strategies that will help you unlock this potential, show everyone what you're made of, and have a lot of fun in the process.

What you get:

  • Pre-Strategy Questionnaire
    • Allows me to do preliminary global and local trend research in advance of your strategy sessions.
  • Unique Methodology
    • One session using Bonbo's unique methodology. These are tailored so that the strategies work for your personality (I know you won't do a strategy you don't like!) and inject your business with whichever kind of magic it needs to become extraordinary.
    • Some popular areas of focus: Business Strategy, Brand Positioning, Customer Persuasion, COVID-19 Pivots, and Campaign Launches.
  • In It Together
    • Digital support as you execute your strategy.

Start by choosing the time-slot for your session to book yourself in!

Melissa Pepers Bonbo Founder Thinking Face

Melissa the Founder of Bonbo will be your Business Designer. She has over a decade of experience building businesses and brands for major advertising agencies, first-time business owners, and everything in between.

She's a:

  • Business Designer (creative money-maker)
  • Strategist (board game winner)
  • Experience Designer (professional wow-er)
  • Futurist (future trend magic)

If you'd like to ask a question before you get started, you can contact Mel here.