How To Start A Business | eBook

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How To Start A Business
For The Very First Time
The companion that will kick start your dream life. Easy strategy to get you from no f**king idea to having a reputation you can monetise.
Author: Melissa Pepers.


The worst thing about this digital textbook is that you can’t smell it.

If you could smell it, it would smell like the sweet satisfaction of discovering and becoming known for the unique impact that only you can bring to the world… with a sprinkle of old book.

Until now, there wasn’t any resource that could help a person build a vision from the actual start of a new business. I don’t mean when you have your idea and you’re ready to “start” – there’s a billion books on that.

I mean the moment where you think you might like to start a business (or another business) but aren’t fully sure of the details yet. Or you’re pretty sure what it could be and certain that it is impossibly ambitious for where you’re at right now, maybe because no one's ever done that before. That first spark can be anywhere from 6 months to 15 years before the rest of the world realise this has all been simmering in your mind.

Having worked with all kinds of people to create some of the most unique businesses in the world I’ve learnt a thing or two about the process. The first is that everyone has unique potential and the second is that this potential is largely wasted; for no reason beyond this is the way it's always been done.

Currently, this involves creating virtually the same businesses as everyone else, based on the same structures, helped by the same advice, to compete for the same audiences to give them more or less the same result!?

Perhaps you already have a business that sounds like this. Do you love it? Parts of it possibly, but the whole thing – probably not. After all it's someone else’s business idea instead of your own. You might also have noticed that if you’re not a sales superstar, most of your new customers come from word of mouth. That’s because if a potential new customer doesn’t hear about you first on good recommendation, they’ll probably be hiring one of the thousands of other people that do what you do or make what you make.

Then there’s the business owners who do have a unique idea and run into endless frustrations, legal hurdles and unexpected disasters because none of the systems designed to help you, actually fit your situation.

Feeling heard? If yes, then yes is also the answer to whether this book is for you.

Follow the step by step process in this book and you will build an audience of people that see your potential and CRAVE more of your special brand of magic. This textbook is pre-monetisation. This means if you’re creating a new business, by the end of this book you’ll be ready to monetise your message. If you’re already monetised, you’ll be enjoying working with more aligned customers who’ll be ready to follow you should you choose a pivot to a more interesting business.

Give it a go, you already know the worst thing that can happen is you can't smell the pages.