Business Strategy

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Transform your business into the most competitive version of itself.

Explore niche opportunities you never thought possible, create your competitive advantage – the "why you" that disrupts the marketplace, understand who your customers are and what drives them to buy from you.

“I left our strategy meetingfeeling the glow of living andbreathing my passion, coupledwith the understanding that it couldmove from a hope and dreaminto a tangible reality.” – Gillian Fernandes

What you get:

  • Pre-Strategy Questionnaire
    • Allows us to do preliminary global and local trend research in advance of your session
  • Full Day Business Strategy Session
    • First half of the day focuses on your business and positioning it to disrupt
    • Second half of the day focuses on your customers and what attracts them
  • Comprehensive Report
    • Details your competitive advantage
    • Action plan for short, medium and long term growth
    • Personas for exciting each target market
    • Tailored resources to continue to innovate
Melissa Pepers Bonbo Founder Thinking

Melissa the Founder of Bonbo will be your Strategist. She has over a decade of experience building businesses and brands for major advertising agencies, first-time business owners, and everything in between.

She's a:

  • Business Designer (creative money-maker)
  • Strategist (board game winner)
  • Experience Designer (professional wow-er)
  • Futurist (future trend magic)

If you'd like to ask a question before you get started, you can contact us here.