Business Concept

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We create your dream new business concept from scratch based on our methodology for making world-first disruptive experiences and products.

“Creatively, Melissa is off the chart, when you listen to her speak about global and culturaltrends it’s as if you’ve been welcomed in to the “black market” of idea making. The eventual concept we engaged Bonbo for is magical, the experience is like no other and the competitive advantage is absolutely clear.” – Carlos Swinton-Lee

What you get:

  • Pre-Strategy Questionnaire
    • Allows us to do preliminary global and local trend research in advance of your discovery session
  • The Big Idea
    • A business concept designed by a business designer using Bonbo's unique methodology
  • Comprehensive Report
    • A detailed guide outlining your business concept;
    • How it fits in a unique space in the world;
    • The nitty gritty of how your business system will work
  • Welcome Meeting
    • Our first meeting at the beginning, including a discovery session to unlock your strengths and uncover possibilities
  • Skills Session
    • We meet again after you've received your concept to go over the nuts and bolts of launching and running your new business
  • In It Together
    • Digital and phone call support for the first six months of your new business journey

Starts with a welcome call and discovery session. 

Melissa Pepers Bonbo Founder Thinking Face

Melissa the Founder of Bonbo will be your Business Designer. She has over a decade of experience building businesses and brands for major advertising agencies, first-time business owners, and everything in between.

She's a:

  • Business Designer (creative money-maker)
  • Strategist (board game winner)
  • Experience Designer (professional wow-er)
  • Futurist (future trend magic)

If you'd like to ask a question before you get started, you can contact us here.