The Fastest Way To Burn Through Your Money

What most people in advertising and consulting don't want you to know.

🔮 You can get results just as good as the advertising and corporate management giants, with way less $$$.

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☑️ You know the reason only big players can hire big agencies is because of the cost.

What you don’t know is most of that money gets burned on:

  • 🔥 Rent and Utilities
  • 🔥 Enterprise level software costs
  • 🔥 Outsource / Freelancer costs
  • 🔥 Making the A team available for free pitches
  • 🔥 Booze and dinners only for highest paying clients
  • 🔥 Sneaky commission fees added on suppliers fees, so you think you’re paying one project management fee but you pay twice (no this isn’t legal)
  • 🔥 ‘Costs’ when they outsource to another business in their same network, so you’re literally paying extra for a different department of the same business to work on your project (how this is still legal I do not know)
  • 🔥 Enabling the agency to offer cost price projects to select clients so they can make award pieces
  • 🔥 These business models are jaw-droppingly inefficient. So you’re paying for slow processes and allllllllllll the meetings.

    Danny DeVito Money Burn

    What’s more:

    • 🔥 Now your contract has been secured, the A team stops working on it
    • 🔥 If there isn’t at least 7 figures in your contract don’t expect dedicated staff or fast responses, your work isn’t a priority
    • 🔥 All the delays between briefing your project and getting it done because of the scale inefficiencies.

    Directors at advertising agencies and corporate management companies that know me and love my work freak out when they see how I price my projects.

    I know some small businesses see my prices and think it’s expensive, when actually if you paid an agency for the *exact* same thing – let's say my Business Concept Development – it would be a MINIMUM $120,000 (that's a price one of my clients came to me with and I thought it was cheap for that agency).

    Not only that but it wouldn’t be as good because agencies are crap at Business Strategy and Corporate Management are crap at Brand Strategy... and I do both 💁‍♀️🔮

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