A study of changes in Australian cannabis digital search behaviour.

The last ten years have presented us with major changes to both the way we seek information and the role of cannabis in Australian society.

By taking a deep dive into the trends associated with search behaviour around the topic of cannabis, we are able to gain insights into the layered cultural forces that shape our perception of this plant. The role hemp and marijuana play have been evolving in response to consumer and patient demand, as well as international and local legislation changes. There are also many topics that have continued to capture our interest across time, such as the therapeutic and recreational uses of marijuana.

Australia, this is what you've been searching for.

Bonbo Infographic – Elevated – A Study Of Changes In Australian Cannabis Digital Search Behaviour

Trends are a measure of cultural relevance and have many applications when creating unique and interesting businesses and initiatives. If you are in or wanting to enter the cannabis industry, find out which service is right for you.